Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much is a Morgan Super 3?

    The Morgan Super 3 starts at £41,995 in the UK.

  • Is the Morgan Super 3 a motorcycle?

    The Morgan Super 3 is registered as a motorised tricycle in the UK and Europe. It is federalised as a motorcycle in the USA.

  • What engine is in the Morgan Plus Four?

    The Morgan Plus Four is powered by a BMW 2.0L turbocharged in-line four cylinder engine.

  • What engine is in the Morgan Plus Six?

    The Morgan Plus Six is powered by a BMW 3.0L turbocharged in-line six cylinder engine.

General Questions

  • Where are Morgan sports cars manufactured?

    Morgan sports cars are manufactured in Malvern, Worcestershire, in the UK. They have been built in Malvern since 1909.

  • Who is the CEO of Morgan Motor Company

    Massimo Fumarola is the CEO of Morgan Motor Company. Massimo joined the company in April 2022.

  • Do Morgan sports cars have power steering?

    The Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six have power steering as standard, Super 3 does not have power steering.

  • Are Morgan sports cars legal in the US?

    The Morgan Super 3 is available in the USA. The Plus Four is likely to be available in the USA in late 2024, and at present, the Plus Six is not available in the USA.

  • Are Morgan sports cars still in production?

    The Morgan Motor Company has been in business since 1909 and continues to produce sports cars in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, UK. The current model range is the Morgan Super 3Morgan Plus Four and Morgan Plus Six.

  • Do Morgan sports cars have wooden frames?

    Morgan sports cars feature an ash wood frame.

  • Who owns Morgan Motor Company?

    The majority shareholder of Morgan Motor Company is European private equity group, Investindustrial. The Morgan family retain a minority shareholding and continue to act as stewards for the brand. Read more about the history of Morgan Motor Company.

  • Which engines do Morgan sports cars use?

    Morgan sports cars feature a range of different engines produced by BMW and Ford.

  • Do Morgan sports cars have airbags?

    New Morgan models are crash tested and type approved under the European small series approval. The latest Plus Four and Plus Six models feature driver and passenger airbags as standard, the Morgan Super 3 does not feature airbags.

  • Is Morgan Motor Company British?

    The Morgan Motor Company is a British sports car manufacturer who builds its range of models in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK

  • Do Morgan sports cars have a wooden chassis?

    All chassis structures on current Morgan sports cars are made from aluminium and have never been wooden.  Ash wood is still used to construct the body frames on Plus Four and Plus Six.

  • How long is the waiting list for a Morgan sports car?

    The typical waiting time for a Morgan sports car is between six and 12 months.

  • Do Morgan sports cars have a boot/trunk?

    Morgan sports cars feature a range of storage compartments along with an optional luggage rack, and are often used for touring holidays. The Morgan Super 3 is the only model to feature a conventional boot/trunk.

  • Do Morgan sports cars hold their value?

    Morgan cars are recognised as having some of the highest residual values of any car.

  • Are Morgan sports cars a good investment?

    Morgan sports cars benefit from high residual values and are a delight to own. Some models have also increased in value over time.

  • Are Morgan cars made of wood?

    A common misconception is that the chassis of a Morgan sports car is made of wood. However, on the Plus Four and Plus Six it is the car’s frame that is made of ash wood. Currently, the chassis on all Morgan models is made from aluminium.


The latest BMW 2.0 litre engine provides ample power for a car weighing just over 1,000kg. This engine is coupled to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission.


Sennheiser’s revolutionary sound system utilises advanced software and invisible speakers to offer an unprecedented audio experience, creating the illusion of a sound stage in front of occupants.


Natural materials are celebrated throughout the cockpit of Plus Four. From ash wood in a range of different finishes, exquisite marquetry veneers, the finest leather and sustainable fabrics. 


New interior rear-view mirror and wing mirrors are machined from aluminium, beautifully finished and robust in their construction. Designed by Morgan and exclusively manufactured for Plus Four. 


In addition to the AP Racing braking system, electronic stability control and double wishbone suspension, a new Dynamic Handling Pack is also available on Plus Four. This options features adjustable suspension and a rear anti-roll bar.   


A soundtrack to more spirited driving. The adaptive sports exhaust system is linked to driving mode and provides a greater level of audible experience. 

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Explained


Your chosen contract term and mileage will be used to calculate the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of your vehicle at the end of your contract term and provide you with an Optional Final Payment amount. The GMFV determines that at the end of your agreement your vehicle will have a value at least  equal to the GMFV.

Your deposit amount is deducted from the price of your Morgan, you make regular payments based on the amount of credit plus the interest. The interest is calculated on the vehicle price less the deposit.

At the end At the end of the agreement, you just have to choose from one of the following options:

  1. Renew your Morgan – if you settle your existing finance agreement you are free to part exchange the vehicle for a new Morgan. Please note, any new finance agreements are subject to status.
  2. Retain your Morgan – to keep your current Morgan at the end of the agreement, you only need pay the optional final payment.
  3. Return your Morgan – you can return the vehicle and do not pay the Optional Final Payment. If the vehicle has exceeded the maximum agreed mileage a charge for excess mileage will apply. As long as the vehicle is in good condition and has not exceeded the maximum agreed mileage you will have nothing further to pay.


  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) may be right for you if you would like to keep monthly payments as low as possible
  • With PCP, you can decide how much deposit to pay up front (subject to a minimum)
  • PCP gives you clear options at the end of the agreement, this gives flexibility
  • The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) is set for your vehicle as part of PCP, this protects you against any unexpected reduction in the used car market
  • PCP could allow you to drive a new Morgan after your agreement by entering a new PCP agreement on the latest model

Please note:

  • You will not own the vehicle until all of the payments and interest have been paid. After that, you will own the vehicle outright
  • You must have fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the agreement
  • Credit is subject to status and is only available to UK residents aged 18 and over


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