Front 3/4 of driver sat in static Super 3 on a beach.Couple driving Super 3 on a beach.


Super 3 has been designed from the ground up to offer new levels of character, thrill and adventure, principles that have defined Morgan’s three-wheeled product since the company was founded in 1909


A mechanical connection to your machine and an exposure to your surroundings. The sights,the sounds, the smells and vibrations. With every drive, your senses are heightened as you are forced to remain present and focused. This is motoring, this is Super 3

Women driving Super 3 on beach with another Super 3 in foreground.Coral Super 3 parked outside house.
Owner sat enjoying the view on a deck chair in front of their Super 3.Super 3 side accessory rack with beige bungee cord.


The side blades on Super 3 manage air flow through the radiators and also allow numerous luggage mounting operations. At the front, the structural aluminium castings support the engine and suspension components whilst also managing air flow around the front of the vehicle


Super 3 offers an enticing combination of mechanical feel, connection to the environment and visual differentiation from anything else on the road. Few vehicles deliver engagement like Super 3, which begs the owner to craft their next motoring adventure

Low angle shot of Super 3 wheel, featuring a Malle dry bag on accessory rack.Morgan badge on the front of a Super 3.


Couple enjoying a drive in their Super 3 in autumn.


The face of Super 3 represents refined engineering honesty. From the aluminium castings holding the engine and directing airflow, through to the exposed suspension architecture that proudly displays its raw mechanical authenticity, every element of Super 3’s face is a perfect fusion of design and engineering.

Super 3 sideblade featuring '03' numberboard.


Jet age design. Akin to the diffuser plates of jet aircraft, the thin flat panels that flank Super 3’s fuselage are striking in their design. They serve to efficiently manage airflow through the side mounted radiators, while also serving as a platform for mounting luggage racks, panniers or liveries.

Super 3 tail lights.


Where the front of Super 3 proudly displays its exposed mechanical honesty, the tail contrasts with elegant, streamlined simplicity, tapering towards a rear casting that houses tail and brake lights. An exposed rib flows around the vertical midpoint of the tail, a nod to traditional seam joining techniques on mid-century aircraft fuselages.

Super 3 interior, showing dashboard.


Pared back and driver focussed. Super 3’s cockpit design ensures your attention is purely on the unrivalled driving experience and returns a mechanical connection to your machine, unmatched by most modern vehicles on the road today. A water and dust resistant interior means Super 3 can enable adventures in all weathers and all seasons.

Close up on the Super 3 grill in front of the engine.


Echoing the 1930s switch from outboard V-Twin to inboard Ford engine with the F-Type three wheeled Morgan’s, Super 3 is powered by a 1.5 litre three cylinder, naturally aspirated Ford engine. Sending 118 bhp straight to the single rear wheel, Super 3’s engine is certainly not short of character.

Close up of the Super 3 internal controls.


Available exclusively in manual to reflect the pure driving experience of Super 3. The short-throw gearbox, the well weighted short-travel clutch and a pedal box designed with heal-and-toe gearchanges in mind all combine to deliver an unrivalled mechanical connection to your machine and a playful and characterful drive in Super 3.

Super 3 wheel close up.


An eye-catching design that blends form with function. The wheels on Super 3 are designed with maximum positive offset to maximise ride and handling, with the rear wheel’s styling maintaining a dished look. Bespoke tyres have been developed with Avon to revive the ballooned style present on vintage Morgan three-wheelers of the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s.

Side view of a Super 3 with a luggage rack and a Malle side bag.


Tight packaging and a small footprint mean creative storage options for Super 3. Drawing inspiration from owners of the previous generation Morgan 3 Wheeler and their custom luggage solutions, Super 3 offers fully homologated rear and side luggage rack options as well as sideblade-mounted panniers and hard shell suitcases. Combined with boot space and under-seat storage, luggage space will not restrict your Super 3 adventure.


Begin your Super 3 journey by exploring the links below to help you visualise and tailor your Dream Super 3 using the configurator, download a full pricing and options list or view finance packages and examples.

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The latest BMW 2.0 litre engine provides ample power for a car weighing just over 1,000kg. This engine is coupled to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission.


Sennheiser’s revolutionary sound system utilises advanced software and invisible speakers to offer an unprecedented audio experience, creating the illusion of a sound stage in front of occupants.


Natural materials are celebrated throughout the cockpit of Plus Four. From ash wood in a range of different finishes, exquisite marquetry veneers, the finest leather and sustainable fabrics. 


New interior rear-view mirror and wing mirrors are machined from aluminium, beautifully finished and robust in their construction. Designed by Morgan and exclusively manufactured for Plus Four. 


In addition to the AP Racing braking system, electronic stability control and double wishbone suspension, a new Dynamic Handling Pack is also available on Plus Four. This options features adjustable suspension and a rear anti-roll bar.   


A soundtrack to more spirited driving. The adaptive sports exhaust system is linked to driving mode and provides a greater level of audible experience. 

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Explained


Your chosen contract term and mileage will be used to calculate the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of your vehicle at the end of your contract term and provide you with an Optional Final Payment amount. The GMFV determines that at the end of your agreement your vehicle will have a value at least  equal to the GMFV.

Your deposit amount is deducted from the price of your Morgan, you make regular payments based on the amount of credit plus the interest. The interest is calculated on the vehicle price less the deposit.

At the end At the end of the agreement, you just have to choose from one of the following options:

  1. Renew your Morgan – if you settle your existing finance agreement you are free to part exchange the vehicle for a new Morgan. Please note, any new finance agreements are subject to status.
  2. Retain your Morgan – to keep your current Morgan at the end of the agreement, you only need pay the optional final payment.
  3. Return your Morgan – you can return the vehicle and do not pay the Optional Final Payment. If the vehicle has exceeded the maximum agreed mileage a charge for excess mileage will apply. As long as the vehicle is in good condition and has not exceeded the maximum agreed mileage you will have nothing further to pay.


  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) may be right for you if you would like to keep monthly payments as low as possible
  • With PCP, you can decide how much deposit to pay up front (subject to a minimum)
  • PCP gives you clear options at the end of the agreement, this gives flexibility
  • The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) is set for your vehicle as part of PCP, this protects you against any unexpected reduction in the used car market
  • PCP could allow you to drive a new Morgan after your agreement by entering a new PCP agreement on the latest model

Please note:

  • You will not own the vehicle until all of the payments and interest have been paid. After that, you will own the vehicle outright
  • You must have fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the agreement
  • Credit is subject to status and is only available to UK residents aged 18 and over


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